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T4- T5 Club UK is no ordinary forum or website based community, it is neither one nor there, we aspire to supply all sorts of opportunities, to all model owners to be able to receive and give advice, freely give help and guidance to likeminded owners with the common goal of attempting to help one another as much as is possible both on and offline to enjoy our Transporters to the fullest, we cater for all models, all years at T4 -T5 Club UK, encouraging owners of every conceivable model to join us. A truly one stop Transporter stop

All new guest benefits offering wider access to featured spots with-in our community, to allow all Transporter owners to get a sneak preview of what awaits them inside! When they join us totally FREE OF CHARGE, it takes only a few minutes to register allowing the entire website to open up and avail the member with a second to none community, full of useful information, regular monthly features, trade sourced product spots and so much more, it is effectively your online monthly T4 Transporter fix, with loads of added benefits over a printed magazine where by after you have read the features we produce each and every month, such as the Readers Rides, Custom, Travelogues, Wild-Camping Spots [the list is truly endless] once you have exhausted those which interest you, there is our outstanding T-Tech Information Library packed full of How To’s, Manuals, Brochures, Catalogues and other relevant information for all model owners, moving on there is always something for sale, wanted or free in our Ad-Board, our Galleries are brimming full of images of both T4’s and T5’s in all guises, our Links section should point you in the right direction for trade help and assistance, and last but far from least we have our Forum presence, where lively discussions take place on a whole range of topics daily, as if that wasn’t enough we do it all FREE. 

We know we are not the largest, the best nor the most favored thus meaning, we have to work harder to attract new members, most owners we have spoken to undoubtedly actively seek and want, a cool relaxed and friendly community to mull over a fraught days work on their Transporters, a helpful, sociable area to voice their opinions where they will be freely received, without being shouted down for the likes of a few spelling mistakes, a friendly non confrontational, help based area, where everyone is equal, and is treated as such, a happy group of friends who regularly meet up of a night or day and discuss all manner of things both relating to our Transporters and to life in general, a group of friends who meet up, to support each other both for practical help and assistance reasons as well as for meets, cruises and shows, if this is what you seek in an online community, sign up now !! it will take you all of 2 minutes to complete at which point you will be on the first rung of a wonderful experience, we have a wealth of information inside awaiting your arrival.... 

Please use the register link in either the guest’s site menu or at the top right hand of your screen under the log in box for this purpose.

Feel free to join us anytime, we are a community of likeminded T4 Transporter owners from around the world participating in both on and offline activities with our Volkswagen T4 Transporters, ranging from forum talk, to practical and physical help, guidance and direction to maintain, convert, customise, and use our chosen model, of Transporter, whether it came in the form of a swb, lwb, tintop, hightop, camper, minibus, Caravelle, pick-up, pop top, whther manufactured commercially or self-built, all are most welcome to join in whichever way they choose... Join us today to find out how we can help you!!!


We are a members community, where ALL members are equals, where ALL members are expected to regularly join in, participate, submit, take part, join in, congregate, make use of, supply information, images, build logs, bios, information, discuss issues in our forums, amongst our groups, or help out in some other way, we openly operate 4 tier membership system offering more use for more activity thus fair on ALL members


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T4 Sports Club, 12 Main Street, Dalry, Castle Douglas, DG7 3UW.

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